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“Everyone loves to shop. Everyone loves a great deal but how many of us wait for that great deal, print out the coupons to lower the prices of what we want and do not overspend. Think about it. Be honest! Most people have some type of debts that they need to pay off. Impulse shopping is the norm in many cases and preparing your list for shopping at the supermarket not always done or the case. Finding what you want at a specific store and sticking to your price range or budget just not happening. But, I guarantee after your read this 114 page gold mine of information and help you will not only save money, learn how to budget, be a better consumer and shop each day as if Black Friday was not just the day after Thanksgiving. Rebecca Scott Young’s short but valuable book will help each and every one of us learn Rich Tips for Lifetime will teach you and this reviewer how to STRETCH a dollar and make shopping a more profitable experience for you: THE CONSUMER.

She starts with a brief introduction about herself, her education and her goals for writing this book. Then, she gets down to brass tacks with chapter one SHOPPING. Explaining and giving the consumer important information such as websites for coupons, reasons to research the items you want to buy and where they sell for the lowest or best price, chapter one will help you get on the road to better shopping. Next, she deals with how to create your budget. If you set guidelines and put a limit or dollar limit on what you want to spend you will save more in the long run. So, as the author explains, if you want to spend only 80 or that is your budget, do not take any more money with you and in order to avoid temptation: LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS HOME! Great advice. Next, if you have a lot of debt create a list of how you want to handle dealing with your credit card debt and which cards you will pay off first and how long you think it will take. At the end of both chapters the author leaves a special page for the reader to create and write ways to improve their shopping and ways to create your own budget. Other tips are included that you can read for yourself after all that is the only way you will succeed.

This book does not require a degree in financial planning or accounting for the reader to understand what the author is trying to say. It is pure common sense. Her primary reason for teaching the public how to spend, save, invest and much more started with Rebecca getting ripped off by a car dealer when trading in her own car. Just how you need to read for yourself because what happened to her is not uncommon and you do not want it to happen to you.

The next chapter will help you conserve spending in the supermarket and grocery store. Circulars are great, coupons on the net are always available, browse the ads for current sales, download those coupons and create a shopping list. You do not have to shop on expensive stores to get your everyday staples. Do your homework and you will achieve your goals as she states towards saving and investing which just happens to be the next chapter. This chapter is definitely one the reader needs to read to understand the importance of saving for the future. Investing is vital and the various types and ways to invest are outlined in detail and in simple terms for the reader. But, one thing the author states throughout is that when making any type of investment or deciding to create a savings account or buying stocks or bonds you might and should consult with a financial planner or your banker. She also includes several websites to help you get started on page. 15. I think the one point that I have to agree with is that you should avoid buying things with credit cards and wait until you have the cash to purchase the items. I have to agree with that. Why pay the interest and the financial charges especially if you are like most shoppers and will not pay the debt or charge off by the end of the month to avoid those finance and interest charges you will accrue if you do not pay the charge all at once. Explaining when you should or should not close a credit card should have been in bold ink for most shoppers to understand the gravity of information on pages 17-18. The chapter completes with the type of investments that you can make for the future, those that might help in case of emergencies and what the three month emergency fund is and how if works.

Creating income requires figuring out your other interests not related to your regular job and what other avenues you would like to explore. One very important point she does make is in the chapter dealing with Giving. When family or friends ask for money to alleviate their own financial stress or debt, be careful not to place yourself in debt if you decide to provide financial assistance. Many parents I know have enabled their children, teens and young married adults by paying off the debts they have incurred and wind up in serious dire straits themselves. Giving does not always mean money. I give to Good Will and the Salvation Army. Everyone has their own special causes or charities they might set aside certain funds for merchandise for during the year, The psalm on page 34 sums it up and on page 35 you can create your own plan or solution to giving.

I don’t know about you but I love second hand stores and thrift shops. You never know what you are going to find and the great items you can get for much less money. So, I will share a story with you and the author. I donated when my mom passed away a few months ago some of her clothes to Good Will and some of mine too. Browsing the shelves I could not believe the two items that I found. One was a jacket that someone donated from Express and the other a bag that everyone thinks came from Paris, France. The bad and the jacket totaled ten dollars. You never as the author states judge a book or for that matter a person by its cover. The pages in side just might be the best things you find.

The next chapter focuses on Spiritual Wealth, followed by the one word everyone dreads: TAXES. Here is where she makes a really valuable point or argument for making sure that you have enough taken out every week so that when tax time comes you do not have to pay UNCLE SAM. That is one thing we do all the time and let me tell you it is the smartest move you can make. Keeping track of deductions and the information you need is all in this chapter.

My sister was the most organized person in this world. Using a planner or scheduler is vital to keeping track of the bills I pay each month, the radio shows I have to create, the books I have to read and review and my appointments. Other tips for staying focused and creating your goals are on pages 47-49. My sister, passed last year but I did learn a lot about keeping track of things and being more organized from her and you will too when you read the chapter titled Organization.

How not to deplete you bank account when traveling the tips you need to adhere to before are next followed by the one chapter you have been waiting for SPLURGES. How to splurge and not be in debt: READ THE CHAPTER.

Common Financial Mistakes, Education Expenses, Health and Beauty For Less are all included in this valuable resource. Okay: so I am not the only one who plans the next day the day before. How she prepares for a successful day and what she does to save money jus tread the chapter: Health and Beauty for Less. I Did.

The rest of the book includes a chapter dealing with Sensuality on a Budget: yes how the five senses come into play. Wealth Tips for a Lifetime which sums up some of what you have learned plus her closing thoughts several appendixes and references. The appendix you might find really stimulating and motivating is the one: Positive Affirmations. Read It and understand what she is trying to say and you too will understand these Rich Tips for a Lifetime: Remember: I am a Winner: and I am beautiful. I included just two from this section plus a sample financial worksheet, information about the author and references.

This is one book that took me about an hour to read twice and then one more time to make sure that I included all of the valuable information, but not everything in this review.

A well-written, straightforward book and definitely a worthwhile resource for everyone. It is a book that I will keep front and center on my shelf. So: shop, cut those coupons, do your homework, do not impulse buy and if you forget what you have learned: reread the book.


– Fran Lewis, reviewer